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"Cold on Demand" Mobile
Refrigeration Units

 "A Cold Space at Your Place"

Mobile Pull Refrigeration for Your Convenience

Your refrigerated items are safe when stored in portable units from Cool Cat Cold Trailers. We lease refrigerated or frozen trailers that are easy to move, store, enter and exit. In the food industry for 25 years, we understand today's independent need for smaller units not taking up parking space or that can be transported by you when you need it. Our trailers are designed for storing product at your location at the temperature you choose or also for "hot shot" opportunities from one location to another. See for yourself just how convenient our cooler trailers are by contacting us today. We are happy to offer more details on our mobile refrigeration units. 

Refrigerated Trailers Designed for Your Needs
Our cooler trailers are available in 2 sizes: 6x10 and 7x12. These units can be used anywhere, whether you're traveling, or sitting you can store your product fresh and ready for your customers. For traveling needs, we recommend leasing a generator that hooks up to the unit for safe distance transportation of refrigerated items.
Fast Deliveries
To further meet your needs, we can deliver our cooler trailers to your location for an additional fee. Call for an estimate on our mobile refrigeration services.
Rent a cooler trailer for your mobile refrigeration needs today by contacting us at
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